“Feminism promotes expression, freedom, choices – it doesn’t want you to repress yourself through clothes that make you feel powerless. Whether it’s heels or whether it’s Converse, you owe it to yourself to dress how you want, and you will be no less or more a feminist for doing so. We’re wasting precious time judging others and ourselves while trying to inflict a non-existent feminist wardrobe – we’re busy women, and there’s too many other things to do.

So wear what you like. Dress how you want. Be true to who are you are. The only wrong way to be a feminist is to go against what it stands for, so let’s stop shaming ourselves, others, and everyone else. A feminist should be everyone, and not everyone wants to wear the same things.”

-Anne T. Donahue, There’s No “Feminist Uniform” An unnecessary struggle with being myself (via 29 Secrets)

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Definition of a cat-call: When someone shouts an inappropriate comment or gives a whistle for the purpose of getting attention in hopes of a future hook-up. 

Cat-calls do not make anyone feel comfortable; they are degrading, and disrespectful. 
Shouting cat-calls are unwelcomed and inappropriate. No one deserves to be treated like a sexual object. Everyone deserves to be treated as a person.

Gay and transgender youth, particularly gender nonconforming girls, are up to three times more likely to experience harsh disciplinary treatment by school administrators than their heterosexual counterparts.

As with racial disparities in school discipline, these higher rates of punishment do not correlate to higher rates of misbehavior among gay and transgender youth.

LGBT youth make up 13-15 percent of the juvenile justice system, even though they make-up only 5–7 percent of the population overall, and 60 percent of these youth are black or Latino.

This high rate of contact with the system is due in part to harsh school sanctions often based on their perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.

-Zero-tolerance policies perpetuate a school-to-prison pipeline for LGBT youths (via zeram)  (via grrlyman)

Since I got asked why I’m so passionate about trans* and gender as a subject, I’m going to reblog this as another reason. Because people need to be educated for this to stop happening.

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“Not Victims/ Not Passive / Combative Women! Revolution” (Close translation) 


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